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 About Per Valentin

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You can pre-order his new book "BEHIND THE EDGE" - with over 300 works of art. Use the word "Pre-order" in the message. You will be notified when the book is ready.


Per Valentin began producing images as a 9-year-old when he inherited his grandfather’s old analog camera. He has worked with almost all photography techniques and is particularly interested in digital photography. He especially enjoys exploring concepts and getting close to people and portraying them in different environments. Per Valentin’s photo universe is multifarious and while he likes to interpret themes, he also produces stand-alone pieces which bear a message. His work has been shown in several exhibitions and has also been published in several international magazines.



  • The Danish Ministry of Environment

  • Tryg Insurance

  • Gallery Færch Denmark – Viva la Revolution

  • Gallery Thy Denmark – Viva la Revolution

  • Gallery Gl. Galleri Næstved – Viva la Revolution

  • Gallery Gl. Galleri Næstved – Cuban boxers

  • The Danish Museum of Photographic art

  • And more…



  • Black & White magazine

  • Magazines – Foto Sweden and Norway

  • Danish Photography

  • and more …



  • Faces of Peru - 17 portraits in 17 days

  • Wider Angel – 2009

  • Portfolio – 2010

  • Viva la revolucion 2016


Per Valentin 

Tel: +45 2395 0813

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